Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yes, sir, I am crazy.

So this past weekend was my best friend Kristin's bridal shower/bachelorette. It was a super time, and I couldn't be more excited for her :)
Anyway, I gave her a framed photo (that Doug took) of the place where she and her fiance met, but I also wanted to give her something else. I was planning to buy something and considering all the options, when I realized that it's just not my style. So a handmade gift it would be.

This is where the crazy comes in.

I decided on Sunday, the week before her shower, to crochet a blanket for her. For all you non-yarncrafters, this is an immense amount of work. Luckily, I am a pretty quick crocheter, so I dove in headfirst. I used a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired pattern that can be found here. I omitted one row of squares, so as to change it from a rectangle shape to a square, as I imagine it being used as a sofa throw, and the size as dictated by the pattern is quite large for this purpose. I had actually seen this pattern a while ago, and thought it would be nice in shades of purple (her favorite color) as a gift for Kristin and her fiance, but forgot about it.

Long story short... despite working and going to class all week, I managed to finish (with the exception of the border) in time for the party on Sunday. Whew! My hands were a little crampy, I'll tell you that much.

I will post better pics once I get it back to do the simple border (a quick job, I just ran out of time), but for now here are two from the shower:

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